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Understanding Visa Claims Resolution (VCR)Webinar Series:

Feeling intimidated by all the changes from Visa's new chargeback process? Join industry experts from Chargebacks911 and Kount as we provide information and answers. This is your opportunity to get a good look at VCR and discover what it means for your business.

An Informative Look at Visa's New Dispute Resolution Process


Who Should Attend: All merchants looking to better understand the impact of Visa Claims Resolution.

Thursday, April 12, 2018
1:00PM EST / 10:00AM PST

VCR is Visa’s new platform for streamlining and simplifying chargeback resolution. The new policies and procedures associated with VCR promise to revolutionize the way financial institutions and merchants process cardholder disputes. At the same time, it may mean changes to your business and the way you handle chargebacks.

For this live Q & A-based webinar, we’re soliciting your questions and concerns regarding VCR and how it will directly affect merchants. Samples of areas covered include

Merchants of all types should plan to join us for this interactive webinar. We’ll be taking your questions and offering insight on Visa's new system. 

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David Pirtle

Sr Business Development
at Chargebacks911

Scott McLean

Product Manager
at Kount