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Visa Claims Resolution: Making the Transition Webinar Series:

VCR is Visa’s new platform for streamlining and simplifying chargeback resolution. Merchants have spent the last two years wondering how it would impact their businesses. Now that VCR is officially here, join us as we take a look at this new technology.

Taking a second look at Visa's New Dispute Resolution Process

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In this live Q & A-based webinar, we'll be examining the impact and implications of Visa's new chargeback process. Samples of areas covered include

Merchants of all types should plan to join us for this interactive webinar Harlan and Craig. We’ll be taking your questions, offering insights on VCR's "honeymoon period," and exploring ways merchants can leverage the new system to reduce chargebacks and increase revenue.

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Harlan Hutson

Harlan Hutson

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Craig McClure

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