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Payment Optimization Tricks
Using Payments to Help Reduce Disputes… Like Magic Webinar Replay:

Want to get the most out of your payments solution? A better understanding of the relationship between payments and chargebacks may allow you to mitigate risk, maximize your revenue stream, and make your sales process more efficient.

Using Payments to Help Reduce Disputes… Like Magic



For this live Q & A-based webinar, we want to hear your questions and concerns regarding payments methods, best practices for fraud prevention, and how to optimize your payments to prevent chargebacks. We’ll also discuss:

Merchants of all types should plan to join us for this interactive webinar with Chargebacks911 Marketing Director Jarrod Wright and Payway Vice President of Business Development Kimberly Miller. We’ll be taking your questions and offering insight on how you can optimize your payments solution.

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Jarrod Wright

VP Marketing
at Chargebacks911

Kimberly Miller

Vice President of Business Development at Payway