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Fighting Fraud on All Fronts
The Benefits of a Layered StrategyWebinar Series:

There are multiple types of fraud, and no single method will effectively counter them all. Join us for this informative webinar, where we’ll explore 6 different types of fraud and teach you why building a layered approach -- if done correctly -- will provide maximum protection.

Don't Be Confused by the Different Faces of Fraud


"I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail."
- Abraham Maslow

Many merchants make the mistake of viewing chargeback causing fraud as a singular threat requiring just one solution. Unfortunately, when it comes to CNP transactions, fraud can take many different forms--and no single method can effectively fight them all.

There's a better way. In this free live webinar from Chargebacks911 and Sift Science, we'll help you discover proven ways of identifying the various kinds of fraud, along with insider tips and industry secrets for finding--and fighting--each type.

Types of fraud we'll discuss include:

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Jarrod Wright

Marketing Director at Chargebacks911

Jeff Sakasegawa

Trust and Safety Architect at Sift Science