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The Monstrous Cost of Fraud:
Uncovering the Fraud Costs That Lurk Just Below the SurfaceWebinar Replay:

As eCommerce fraud continues to surge, many online merchants have tightened their security rules in an effort to thwart fraudsters and prevent more chargebacks. Unfortunately, these efforts often backfire. False declines have become a costlier problem than fraud itself.

The Monstrous Cost of Fraud

In this webinar, our experts will explore the obvious and not-so-obvious costs of fraud, discuss the significant threats posed by rejecting valid orders, and outline the best way for merchants to asses their individual chargeback liability.

What you'll learn when you watch this Webinar

  • The reason fraud prevention tactics have led to a surge in false declines
  • Why stricter filters are useless against post-transactional fraud
  • Why chargebacks cost more than most merchants think
  • Hints for stopping fraud without declining legitimate transactions
This webinar is meant for eCommerce merchants of all sizes who are interested in optimizing their fraud prevention tactics without increasing false declines. Those struggling with more than a few fraud related chargebacks each month will find this information particularly valuable.
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Jarrod Wright

VP of Marketing at Chargebacks911
M. Haroldson Headshot2

Matt Haroldson

SVP of Strategy & Development at Vesta