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Chargebacks911 eBook - The 2020  Chargeback Holiday Handbook Free Download

The Chargeback Holiday Handbook

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will have a major impact on holiday sales this year. This detailed guide offers tips for before, during, and after the holidays

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  • Proactively minimizing financial
    risks and impacts of COVID-19
  • Why friendly fraud is surging, and
    how to protect your revenue
  • Pros & cons of virtual gift cards
  • Prepping for post-season

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Minimizing the Impact of COVID-19 During the Peak Sale Season

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has driven a surge of online shopping—and fraud. As we head into peak sales days around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, merchants need to adapt to these unique circumstances to prevent this usually profitable time of year from becoming a disaster.

Chargebacks911® has created this informative guide full of explanations and actionable advice... and you can download it for free.


A Year Like No Other

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re going into the 2020 seasonal period under completely different circumstances. Economic uncertainty, driven by job losses and furloughs, is leading millions to hold back on their spending.

Merchants have become reliant on online sales to survive lockdowns. At the same time, friendly fraud has become much easier to commit. Consumers shop from the safety of their own home and there is no-one to confirm a package arrived safely at the point of exchange. In other words, it’s a near perfect storm.

Consequently, chargeback issuances were up 23% globally in June , when compared to the same time in 2019. We’ve seen industries across the board suffering chargeback losses 10 times higher than before COVID-19. Merchants offering digital content saw a 75% surge in transaction volume from March, but were undercut by a 31% increase in chargebacks.