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Chargebacks911 eBook - The eCommerce Holiday Handbook

The eCommerce Holiday Handbook: A Merchant's Guide

This season, make sure your payments process is optimized for sales. This detailed guide offers tips for before, during, and after the holidays ... including:

  • Creating seamless online shopping
  • Providing relevant payment options
  • Sniffing out friendly fraud
  • VCR, GDPR, & other changes for 2018
  • Prepping for post-season chargebacks

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Maximizing Profits through the Entire Holiday Season

Starting today, you can fine-tune your sales processes and correct minor missteps that can help you earn--and keep--more profits from the season. Chargebacks911® and BlueSnap® partnered to create this informative guide full of explanations and actionable advice... and you can download it for free.

'Tis the Season -- Version 2018

The holiday sales season is fast approaching, and retailers have cause to be excited: early estimates point to a robust quarter, with retail sales that could top $1.10 trillion. Forecasters are looking at growth between 5% and 5.6% over the prior season. All signs point to a potentially record-breaking season for retailers, and the busiest period should still fall on the Black Friday Weekend.

Some predictors are suggesting that the 9-day period starting Thanksgiving Day (November 22) and closing the following Saturday (December 1) will account for over 35% of total seasonal sales in the US. eCommerce will be playing a huge role in this growth, with a predicted expansion of over 15% in the 2018 holiday season, and totally nearly $125 billion.

Despite this, retailers can be forgiven for showing a degree of uncertainty, especially in the card-not-present (CNP) world. Already, 2018 has seen several game changers introduced into the mix, including Visa's new VCR initiative and Europe's GDPR rules