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Create Representment Cases That Get Results

When it comes to effective chargeback representment, a clear, concise rebuttal letter is the linchpin of your case. This is your guide to understanding what they are and how they work—complete with samples and template!

  • Writing the perfect rebuttal letter
  • How to gather compelling evidence
  • Planning ahead to meet deadlines
  • Understanding the forms involved


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Learn to Craft Rebuttal Letters That Get Results!

Even with the most effective chargeback management, illegitimate customer disputes can still occasionally slip through the cracks. To recover revenue through representment, you’ll need to craft a clear, concise, and professional rebuttal letter … and this comprehensive guide shows you how! Download your free copy now and become your own expert in complete representment packages.


Every business that accepts credit cards is vulnerable to payment card disputes. What should you do when that happens? In many cases, merchants do nothing. They believe that chargebacks are unavoidable, and write off the loss as a cost of doing business. Nothing could be further from the truth, though.

In reality, there are only two reasons you should ever accept a chargeback:

  • A genuine mistake on your part (merchant error)
  • An unauthorized transaction (criminal fraud)

You may enter a wrong account number, for example, or a criminal may use stolen information to make a purchase. However, our internal research shows that fewer than half of all chargebacks meet one of these criteria. Most chargebacks stem from cases of post-transactional fraud, commonly known as “friendly fraud.”

With few exceptions, every friendly fraud claim should be challenged through the represent process. This is where the chargeback rebuttal letter comes into play. Every part of the representment process is necessary, but as we shall see, a strong rebuttal letter is often the key to winning a reversal.

Before we dive head-first into rebuttals, however, it may be helpful to examine the reason we need them in the first place.