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Picking Out the Bad Apples
Cutting New Account Fraud at its CoreWebinar Replay:

Over half of businesses surveyed reported higher losses associated with account opening and account takeover than any other type of fraud. SCA and other heightened security requirements may help, but implementation can create greater challenges for banks and businesses. Is there a way to identify—and pluck—these “bad apples” before they can do serious damage?

Account Authentication for Banks and Merchants

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As much as 48% of all fraud value stems from accounts that are less than 24 hours old. So how can you get rid of these bad apples? Join us for this interactive webinar with Chargebacks911 Director of Relationship Management Craig McClure and Jumio Head of Sales & Business Development Johnson Ha. We’ll be taking your questions and offering insight on ways of mitigating fraud and chargeback risk through upfront authentication.

We will discuss ways banks and merchants can minimize fraud risk by verifying customer identities up front. Samples of areas covered include:

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Craig McClure

Director of Relationship Management
at Chargebacks911

Johnson Ha

Head of Sales & Business Development
at Jumio