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Optimizing the Post Sale Experience
Fulfillment Hacks to Reduce Chargebacks and Retain Customers Webinar Replay:

It’s no secret that merchants have to offer high-quality products and services—but that’s only the start. Research has shown that customers are much more likely to remember the experience around the sale than the transaction itself. Even the smallest detail can affect whether the customer will come to you again. Join us for this free live webinar as we explain the how the post-sale experience can be leveraged to retain customers, prevent chargebacks, and combat friendly fraud.

Getting the Most Mileage from the Post Sale Experience

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The true test of customer service often happens after the order has been placed. Making sure consumers receive exactly what they purchased—as quickly and securely as possible—is key to buyer satisfaction. The process, however, is seldom simple: unique offerings and ever-changing logistics can cause endless frustration, both for merchants and their customers.

For this live Q & A-based webinar, we’re solicitating your questions and concerns regarding methods and benefits of post-sales customer service. Samples of areas covered include

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