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Metrics that Matter for SaaS Success
Identifying the Right Measures for Tracking GrowthWebinar Replay:

The subscription business model continues to evolve and mature, but the recurring nature of SaaS revenue can make measuring success challenging. Identifying and tracking metrics isn’t always as simple as following traditional business metrics like revenue, expense, profit, and cash. Join us for this free live webinar as we explore ways to identify the best metrics to measure SaaS and protect your recurring revenue model from unexpected dangers like chargebacks.

The wrong metrics may be costing you more than you realize!

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The ability to track the right metrics goes a long way in determining predictable growth. But particularly with recurring revenue models, identifying the most relevant metrics can be tricky. And tracking the wrong measurements can steer your business in the wrong direction, opening yourself up to increased returns and chargebacks.

For this live Q & A-based webinar, we’re solicitating your questions and concerns regarding ways you can identify the essential metrics for SaaS success. Samples of areas covered include:

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Jarrod Wright

Marketing Director at Chargebacks911

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Partner Marketing Lead at Chargebee