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Mastercard Dispute Resolution: 2019 and Beyond
Monica Eaton-Cardone Explains What Upcoming Changes Mean for MerchantsWebinar Replay:

Like 2018’s Visa Claims Resolution, the Mastercard Dispute Resolution Initiative promises to make the chargeback dispute process faster, easier, and more accurate. And Mastercard has even more changes in the pipeline. Join industry thought-leader Monica Eaton-Cardone for this free webinar and learn how Mastercard’s updates to their chargeback process will affect your business.

Understanding the Changes in the Mastercard Chargeback Process

Mastercard is implementing a new plan to streamline and simplify chargeback resolution. The updated policies and procedures promise to revolutionize the way financial institutions and merchants process cardholder disputes. At the same time, it may mean changes to your business and the way you handle chargebacks.

Join us for our free upcoming webinar, where Chargebacks911 founder and COO Monica Eaton-Cardone will cover some of the key changes and offer insight on how you can leverage the new system to reduce chargebacks and increase revenue

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