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Keeping Your Fraud Prevention Resolutions
Combating 1st- and 3rd-Party Fraud to Boost Your RevenueWebinar Series:

Learn to cut your fraud losses in 2019 by combatting chargebacks and 3rd-party fraud! In this free webinar, we'll share ways you can protect both sides of the transaction flow against unwarranted refunds, friendly fraud, credit card theft, and merchant errors.

Recognizing and Intercepting New Fraud Trends for a Healthier Bottom Line

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Increases in the number of online shoppers bring a wealth of new opportunities for merchants ... and for fraudsters. Combining effective chargeback management with technologies like device intelligence can swing the odds in your favor.

Join us for our upcoming webinar, where we'll offer expert advice and insider tips on ways to recognize and combat some of the newest trends in 1st- and 3rd-party fraud. Merchants of all types can benefit from this free, live, Q & A-based session: we’ll be taking your questions and offering insights based on our professional experience and expertise. Samples of areas covered include:

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