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Keeping Clients Happy and Accounts Healthy in a High-Risk Environment Webinar Series:

Chargeback reduction secrets strong enough for high-risk merchants but smart for all businesses

Learn How High-Risk Merchants Stop Chargebacks … and How You Can, too


Who Should Attend: Merchants in high-risk industries (or struggling with chargebacks) who want to learn simple strategies for reducing chargebacks.

Thursday, December 7, 2017
1:00 EST/4:00 PST

Nothing lowers your number of chargebacks faster than happy customers. Join us as we explore solutions and best practices of high risk merchants that can help any business. We'll also share some insider secrets for keeping customers happy in a demanding environment.

For this live Q & A-based webinar, we’re solicitating your questions and concerns regarding chargeback mitigation in high-risk industries. Samples of areas covered include:

Merchants of all types should plan to join us for this interactive webinar with Chargebacks911 and Instabill. We’ll be taking your questions and offering tips that lead to successful chargeback management. This is your opportunity to learn insider secrets for reducing chargebacks, specifically aimed at high-risk merchants.

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Jarrod Wright

Marketing Director at Chargebacks911

Chris O'Donnell

Director of Content Strategy at Instabill