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The New Face of Customer Verification
How Identity Proofing and Customer Authentication Can Reduce FraudWebinar Series:

Today’s digital marketplace demands fast, smooth transactions. For merchants, having practical, accurate customer verification is crucial for fighting fraud both before and after the sale. Join us for this free webinar and learn ways to accurately and seamlessly know, verify, and trust your customer.

Preventing Fraud & Chargebacks Through Customer Authentication

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Trust is a two-way street: in a CNP environment, your customers must believe their information is safe and secure with you. At the same time, merchants must be able to trust that that the customer is legitimate. Is there an accurate way to verify customers’ real-world identity, and how much transactional authority they possess?

Join us for our upcoming webinar, where we’ll deliver expert advice and insider tips on the latest trends and technologies available in customer authentication. If you operate in the CNP space, you’ll benefit from this free, live, Q & A-based session. We’ll be taking your questions and offering insights from our professional experience and expertise, in areas such as:

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Jarrod Wright

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