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COVID-19: The Chargeback Effect
Managing Chargebacks and Fraud in the Wake of Global DisruptionWebinar Replay:

In the face of COVID-19, new types of fraud are emerging, and a continuing increase in chargebacks is inevitable. It’s critical that merchants stay current on these evolving fraud threats and understand how to best counteract them.

How COVID-19 is Impacting the Threat of Chargebacks

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For this live Q&A-based webinar—part of the CNP Virtual Summit Series–we listened to your questions and concerns regarding how COVID-19 is impacting consumers and businesses. Our panel explored ways merchants can stay current on these evolving fraud threats, and best counteract them. We also discussed:

If you have further questions about the pandemic’s impact on chargebacks—or about chargebacks in general—contact us today. We’ll help you take a look at your specific situation and offer insight on how you can maximize your management strategy to lower chargebacks and increase revenue.

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