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Chargebacks For Dummies Book

Chargebacks for Dummies

Chargebacks can wreak havoc on your cash flow and profitability. If they happen too often, your processing fees can skyrocket, and you may even lose the privilege of accepting credit cards for payment. This book is your guide for preventing chargebacks and, when they happen, fighting them more effectively.

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What’s inside this book

Why and How Chargebacks Happen

Learn how chargebacks came to be, why they're sometimes necessary, and how fraudsters are exploiting them at your expense

Driving Down Your Chargeback Risk

Even if you're in a high-risk business, you'll find proven strategies for managing and mitigating your chances of receiving chargebacks

Fighting Back against Friendly Fraud

Your worst source of chargebacks could be your own customers! Learn how you can recognize and fight back against 'cyber shoplifting'

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