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50 Insider Tips for Preventing More Chargebacks

The 50 most effective tools and strategies to reduce the overall number of chargebacks you receive.

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Proactive Defense

Proactive Defense

Actionable tips on identifying fraud, reducing risk, and stopping chargebacks before they happen!


Myth of Reason Codes

Learn why reason codes are unreliable, and the importance of identifying the true source of chargebacks.


Are You the Problem?

See how chargeback triggers can hide in your policies, and why “good enough” service really isn’t good enough.

Most chargebacks are preventable—IF you know the secrets.

In the world of eCommerce, technology is constantly evolving; that means new chargeback threats can appear almost daily. Fight back! This detailed guide contains over 50 insider tips and actionable steps for effective chargeback prevention, both immediately and in the long-term.

50+ Pages
10+ Chapters
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Chapter 1

Use the Tools That Are Available

The dynamic nature of fraud makes preventing chargebacks a complex task. But there are several tried and true tactics that have been proven to help in detecting fraud and validating cardholders. Take advantage of the tools at your disposal to help reduce chargeback risk.

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Chapter 2

Up Your Customer Service Game

Every good merchant knows that providing outstanding service is the best way to make customers happy. When it comes to preventing chargebacks, however, you may want to consider ramping up your customer service even more—before, during, and after the sale.

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Chapter 3

Keep Customers Informed

Out of stock on an item? Missed a shipping deadline? Most people understand that problems can arise unexpectedly, but it’s important to contact the customer and explain the delay. Otherwise it’s easy for customers to assume the worst, get angry, and turn to the bank.

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Chapter 4

Revisit Policies & Procedures

Are your policies as effective as they could be? Or could they actually be triggering the very chargebacks you’re trying to prevent? The more concise, clear, and flexible your shipping, cancellation, and returns policies are, the fewer chargebacks you are likely to see.

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Chapter 5

Eliminate Merchant Error

Merchants are often surprised to learn that a high percentage of chargebacks are theresult of internal error. Innocent mistakes and seemingly minor missteps can significantly increase risk. The good news is that chargebacks from merchant errors are entirely preventable.

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Chapter 6

Nail Down Your Marketing

Your product descriptions should incentivize customers to buy, but make sure you’re not over-promising. If your information is insufficient, misleading, or just plain wrong, customers will be disappointed when the order arrives—and will probably file a chargeback.

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Chapter 7

Watch Recurring Payments

A recurring payments (subscription) business model offers benefits for merchants and customers enjoy the convenience of automatic billing. It’s important to note, however, that the use of recurring payments creates its own unique set of chargeback risks.

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Chapter 8

Stop Fraud Before It Starts

Credit card fraud is a threat to all merchants, but card-not-present (CNP) business models are the most vulnerable. Preventing chargebacks caused by CNP fraud requires time, attention, and a little instinct. If something seems off, double check to avoid a chargeback.

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Chapter 9

Clamp Down on Data Security

Keeping cardholder data on file for future purchases can be beneficial to everyone, but the privilege comes with responsibilities. Storing your customers’ personal data requires extra measures on your part to secure those files to prevent data breaches … and fraud-related chargebacks.

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Chapter 10

Recognize Friendly Fraud

Believe it or not, the majority of all chargebacks are likely cases of friendly fraud—authorized cardholders filing chargebacks instead of trying to get a refund from the merchant. Friendly fraud may happen innocently, or it may be malicious attempt;In either case, the merchant pays.

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